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A significant weight loss, as well as aging, can create sagging skin on the neck, which can resemble a “turkey neck” appearance. A necklift, performed by Dr Samer Bassilios Habre, addresses this skin irregularity by removing the excess skin and tightening the remaining skin for a more contoured appearance. Of all cosmetic surgeries, this one can sometimes create some of the most dramatic results for a patient’s appearance. It produces a sharper profile and an overall more youthful appearance.



Good candidates are men or women who demonstrate:

  • Localized fat deposits under the chin

  • Looseness of neck muscle and/or neck skin

  • Overall good health



During the initial consultation, we will evaluate the patient’s underlying bone anatomy and make a determination as to whether the chin position and its influence on the appearance of the neck is an issue. This evaluation will help piece together an individual treatment plan. During surgery, an incision is typically made under the chin. If there are fat pockets present, the excess fat will be removed with liposuction. Then, any loose skin is excised and trimmed away. The final step is when the underlying tissue and muscles are pulled tight and the remaining skin re-draped and secured with sutures to produce a more youthful neck appearance.


Swelling and bruising will be present after necklift surgery. A compressive neck dressing is used to help control swelling and to help the neck skin adapt to the new neck contour. Most patients can resume modest activity in 2 weeks. A complete recovery from necklift surgery occurs in about 3-4 weeks. This surgery creates a tighter neck that appears softer and younger.​



Necklift surgery can result in a gorgeous profile and a younger looking neck for both men and women. It creates especially nice outcomes for weight loss patients where a significant amount of loose skin resides after the weight loss.

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