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Neck liposuction can do wonders to boost an individual’s confidence and feelings of youth. When fat resides in the neck, it decreases a person’s profile, and results in a double chin appearance. Neck liposuction is a cosmetic procedure offered by Dr Samer Bassilios Haber, which removes unwanted fat, which redefines the neck and jawline. Neck liposuction is not the answer for everyone, and this is especially the case where the skin is involved. Only healthy, taut skin with good elasticity can recover from being emptied of its fat. Dr. Bassilios will evaluate the neck and chin together, and determine if liposuction is all that is needed to attain a slimmer, smoother neck. Some patients will require a neck lift if loose skin is present, and in some cases, chin augmentation may also be considered.


During neck liposuction, a small cannula is used to gently remove fat. It is placed into the skin through a small incision that is made just below the chin. The incision location makes scarring almost completely invisible. Most surgeons use the tumescent (“superwet”) liposuction technique during neck liposuction. The neck will be massaged while the fat is being removed to ensure that all fatty pockets have been addressed and that the neck has a smooth contour. While this aspect of the surgery is usually all that is required, some patients will have loose skin and the surgeon will remove this skin at this time to create a tight appearance. If this takes place, additional incisions are made near the ears to allow the surgeon access to the neck muscles. At this time, excess skin will be trimmed away, and the underlying muscles tightened.



Neck liposuction surgery is performed under Local anesthesia with IV sedation or general anesthesia. It is a relatively straightforward surgery that takes just about an hour to complete. Patients will be sent home wearing a compression garment to control bleeding, bruising and swelling. The results from neck liposuction will be seen immediately. The swelling and bruising are generally gone within 1-2 weeks and most patients can resume normal activities within about 7-10 days. Patients who have a neck lift in combination with liposuction will have a longer recovery. The results from this surgery can be very transforming, creating a slimmer, smoother neck appearance almost instantly.


Liposuction is one of the most common ways to reduce unwanted fat on the body. Some of our patients come to our plastic surgery clinic for major liposuction fat removal, while others simply need smaller changes that occur in areas such as the neck. The removal of fatty neck tissue, while small in some cases, can result in outstanding outcomes in appearance.

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