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If you have noticed your skin has started to age and you’re after a less invasive treatment than surgery then you may benefit from PRP – or platelet rich plasma therapy. During this procedure we will extract plasma from your body and put it through a treatment process to isolate growth factors and obtain PRP.

Platelet rich plasma contains growth factors that can help stimulate cell repair and improve the health of your skin tissue. It can be used to improve facial appearance including:

  • Damaged skin

  • Aged skin

  • Around eyes that appear aged

  • Hair loss

  • Sagging skin such as around the neck or on the face

  • Ageing hands

  • Improving the décolletage which can become wrinkled

The effects that should be expected after treatment include gradual improvement of the texture and tone of your skin. It’s important to know that results are also not immediate as they will improve over time. This is because the growth factors in the platelet-rich plasma serum will need to have time to stimulate growth and improvement from beneath the skin. Other effects can include plumper looking skin, fewer wrinkles and lines.

Is this procedure safe?

This procedure uses your body’s own natural tissue which is why it is considered safe for most patients as long as it is performed in a sterile environment. There are no artificial agents added to the platelet-rich plasma so when it is re-injected it is simply placing it back into your body. The procedure is also not surgical which means there are generally no problems with scarring, although some bruising should be expected after the procedure.

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